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A coveted target: The seal of approval

It's well known that recommendations play a huge role in purchasing decisions, especially if they come from real customers. In order to ensure convincing and trustworthy communication about the winning product, the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’ winners receive a seal that provides information at a glance about the awarded criteria and the outstanding performance of their product.

And a very special honor awaits the most popular product in each category: Golden Award.

The highest award

Favourite Brand

The "Favourite Brand - chosen by the consumer" award is the highest recognition that companies can receive within the consumer award "Kitchen Innovation Award". It will be awarded annually to the best and most popular brands of the industry and thus recognizes a consistent brand management with above-average consumer orientation.
This important award is given to companies and brands that have received the "excellent product" rating for three consecutive years:

Favourite Brand Gold:
For three awards in three consecutive years

Favourite Brand Diamond
For at least 4 awards in three years in a row

The special thing: The Award is on a rolling basis. After receiving a "Favourite Brand" title, the 3-year period restarts automatically and is thus calculated individually for each participant. The use of the "Favourite Brand" label can be used without restriction and independently of the product in the entire corporate communications be used. It thus impressively underlines a outstanding innovative strength at constant high consumer orientation of the brand.