Our experts

Our practice-orientated and enthusiastic expert jury evaluates all submitted products independently and objectively.

Haack Gabriele

Dr. Gabriele Haack

Consultant Innovation &
Change Management

Lange Christoph

Christoph Lange

Digital Technology

Mayer Anke

Anke Mayer

“La fine Gastronome”

Mendig Anne

Anne Mendig

Interior Style

Pehl Christine

Christine Pehl

Consultant for Sustainable
Corporate Management

Ramstein Nicolas

Nicolas Ramstein

Head chef
Hotel Manager

Rummel Claudia

Claudia Rummel

Nutrionist &
Sensory Professional

Salfitzky Felix

Felix Salfitzky

Head Chef
Hotel Manager

Alexandra Folger

Alexandra Folger

Living & Lighting

Frau Reinhard

Bianca Reinhardt

Product Designer & Kitchen Ergonomics Consultant

Frau Fritz

Stefanie Fritz

Interiordesign, Construction- & Living Consultant

Frau Riehl

Annie Arbogast Riehl

Interior architect
Consultant interior living

Zeitlmann Sara

Sara Zeitlmann

Nutrition Consultant

Stiegelbauer Christine

Christine Stieglbauer

Owner »Geschmackssachen«
Head chef

Herr Grollmann

Clarens Grollmann

Technical & Creative Director Digital Technology