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Selection procedure

Our extraordinary selection procedure

This is no ordinary award. Designed as a consumer award, our aim with the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’ is to identify the needs of consumers, promote needs-based product innovation and showcase products that are consumer-friendly. The ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’ is a clear and objective decision-making aid for consumers and corporate buyers. The ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’ is presented once a year for outstanding products from the kitchen and cooking equipment sectors. The uniqueness: The competition is characterised by a multi-stage selection process. For us, it's not only the opinion of a jury of experts that is decisive, but rather the opinion of consumers.

Stage 1:


Our competent pre-selection: an practice-orientated expert jury evaluates all submitted products and product designs against pre-defined criteria and decides which ones will be accepted for the subsequent consumer survey (nomination).

Stage 2:

Consumer survey

In our opinion, a consumer award should focus on the wants and needs of the consumer. In the next and decisive stage of the competition, consumers from the target group evaluate the submitted products via a representative survey conducted by a recognised market research institute. And this is precisely what makes the Kitchen Innovation Awards so valuable: in the decision-making process, the decisive factor for the awarding of the coveted prize is consumer opinion.


We set great store by transparent evaluation. The title ‘Award-winning product’ goes to all products whose score is above average in at least two of the criteria, in addition to a superior overall performance.

Added bonus: Market research results and trend analysis

For long-term sales success, knowing the consumer's opinion of the product is essential. That is why we hand over all market research results from the consumer survey to the nominees and winners. In addition, all entrants receive the results of the annual trend analysis that we conduct on current issues relating to the theme of kitchen design and cooking. That’s because the basis for consumer-oriented product development is having access to the latest market insight.