Our Vision

How life pans out, both now and in the future, is determined by how we think and act. The earth doesn't care how we treat our environment, including our fellow human beings. Our blue planet will surely continue to rotate for billions of years to come. But we humans mustn't be indifferent to the fate of our earth and its inhabitants. Many people in our society, whether consumers or entrepreneurs, understand this. That’s what we assume at least

With new ideas and innovations, we want to make consumers' lives better, healthier, more beautiful. Companies want to sell more products, but at the same time environmental responsibility is becoming more and more important to both sellers and buyers. Is sustainability increasingly becoming a selling point? Here at LifeCare.Network we advise a wide range of companies, based on our extensive knowledge of consumers and their responses to our questions. We also provide a wide range of services that help to evaluate innovation at an early stage and provide support before and during the marketing phase. With our ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’, we offer an unique procedure: we place the evaluation of products in the hands of the consumer, i.e. your customers. This gives you with a wealth of information. We can tell you how important the sustainability of your product is to your customers. At the same time you get the chance to receive an award that clearly shows consumers the value of your innovations – approved by consumer. Welcome to the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award 2021’.

Stephan O. Hansch

Geschäftsführer/Managing Director LifeCare.Network UG