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Annual trend analysis for the Kitchen Innovation Award

Our trend theme 2020:

2020 – a year of crisis? To what extent have attitudes towards home cooking and domestic kitchen equipment changed?

2020 has presented the world with major new challenges. Suddenly our lives were being lived almost exclusively at home. Many of us had more time on our hands and discovered completely new interests.
Whether this also applies to cooking and the expectations we have of our kitchen equipment is something LifeCare.Network wants to find out.
To do so, we'll be working in partnership with the renowned market research institute K&A BrandResearch as part of our annual trend analysis programme. One of the poll’s highlight is, that all the responses from the 1,500 consumers who are surveyed are evaluated against the three generations X, Y and Z. They therefore provide reliable insights into future trends.

The following questions for the focus of our research:

▪ What was the most frequently cooked food in 2020, and how was it cooked?
▪ What should domestic kitchens and kitchen equipment be geared for in the future?
▪ Are kitchens and kitchen equipment still the new status symbol?
▪ Have Instagram and similar platforms become even more important in the context of cooking and kitchens?
▪ How smart should domestic kitchens and kitchen equipment be?
▪ What is the most common use of the kitchen space?
▪ In which areas of the kitchen is sustainability important? 

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market.

We are happy to share our knowledge and make the results of our trend analysis available to all the entrants in the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award 2021’.