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Annual trend analysis for the Kitchen Innovation Award

Current trend topic:

IS THE KITCHEN ENTERING A NEW ERA? What effect are the new megatrends such as “neo-ecology” or “new work” having on the kitchen environment?

The events of the past few months have clearly changed how people think and behave. Which changes will become permanent, what will disappear again and how will things develop? There are a few trends which have consistently had a strong effect on society for years despite all changes. There is no doubt that these include all topics related to eating, cooking and culinary enjoyment, and increasingly the various aspects of sustainability.

Our new trend study continues our journey through time and ventures a look far into the future. In partnership with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch AG, we want to find out if a new cooking culture will develop, a culture which wants to take responsibility not only for personal health but also for planet earth.

The special feature of these trend studies is that all responses from the 1,500 consumers who are surveyed are always evaluated in light of the three generations X, Y and Z and thus provide reliable indications of future trends.

The focus is currently on the following questions:

▪ What will a kitchen look like in 2035? How much networking and automation can consumers envision? In what areas? Where are trends developing already?
▪ What does sustainable thinking in the kitchen mean? What will implementation of the idea of sustainability actually look like for the different generations? Is sustainability the new reason to buy?
▪ Kitchen/living area/home office: what floor plan will consumers want in the future? Will the kitchen remain as important as it is today? Will the kitchen surpass the car as a status symbol?
▪ Shaping opinion: how does social media affect expectations of the kitchen and kitchen appliances? Will these communication channels continue to increase or decrease in importance?
▪ How and where will kitchens/kitchen appliances be planned and purchased in the future? Are AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) the new shopping tools?

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market.

We are happy to share our knowledge and will make the trend research study results available exclusively to all Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 participants.

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