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Annual trend analysis for the Kitchen Innovation Award

Current trend topic (2023):

The kitchen in the change of generations: Will Generations Y and Z rethink the kitchen landscape?

Every generation is shaped by the prevailing social environment. The last few years in particular have left clear traces here. However, nothing has changed in the overriding phases of life: Between the ages of 20 and 40, (young) adults make their first major purchases in the area of housing. They become intensively involved with their own home and align it with their personal values. This is a time in life that has a lasting influence on purchasing behavior and lays the foundation for all subsequent (purchasing) decisions.

In this year's trend study, we are therefore focusing on Generations Y and Z. Together with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch AG, we want to find out to what extent these generations differ from previous generations, which social issues have particularly influenced them, and what this means specifically for the kitchen environment. Will generations Y and Z rethink the kitchen landscape - and if so, how?

The unique feature of this trend study is that all the responses of the 1,500 consumers surveyed are always assessed in a comparison of the three generations X, Y and Z, as well as being compared with previous studies. In this way, it provides reliable indications of future trends and developments.

The focus is currently on the following questions:

▪ To what extent do the values and attitudes of Gen Y and Z differ from previous generations and what influence does this have on future purchasing decisions? Which product innovations have the potential to become established?
▪ How do current, social challenges influence buyers' expectations in the context of kitchens and living? What are the most important influencing factors?
▪ Consumers design the kitchen: What does the dream kitchen look like in terms of furniture, electrical and kitchen appliances? What support should the kitchen equipment offer?
▪ Self-representation: To what extent and in what areas does the kitchen represent one's personality? Does cooking become a part of self-realization?
▪ Smart kitchen topics: To what extent are analog and digital tools merging in everyday kitchen life? Which features will prevail? Which wishes are still open?
▪ Sustainability in everyday kitchen life: How does sustainability want to be lived in the kitchen environment? What materials and material properties are currently expected?

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market.

We are happy to share our knowledge and make the results of our trend analysis available to all the entrants in the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’.

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