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Annual trend analysis for the Kitchen Innovation Award

Current trend topic:

Convergence of current mega-trends: What is their meaning for tomorrow’s kitchen?

Seldom has our society been shaped by as many parallel trends and challenging developments as today. From sustainability, artificial intelligence and the new cocooning to various diets and influences such as current inflation levels, there is no doubt that all of these factors directly influence kitchen planning and equipping.

In our trend study for this year conducted in cooperation with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch AG, we therefore want to find out to what extent these trends mutually intensify each other and what concrete relevance this will have for the kitchen of tomorrow.

The unique feature of this trend study is that all responses from the 1500 respondents are always evaluated in comparison of the three generations X, Y and Z, and compared to previous studies. This special survey method ensures that trends are not only defined based on theoretical assumptions but on actual consumer opinions over time. Reliable indications of future trends and developments can thus be derived.

The focus is currently on the following questions:

▪ New cocooning: What are the future expectations of consumers for their kitchen? What forms, colours and materials are they looking for? Will the kitchen remain as important as it is today?

▪ Smart kitchen or artificial intelligence: What features will prevail? What applications for AI can consumers imagine in the kitchen? What are the limits?

▪ Sustainability in the daily kitchen routine: How are consumers defining sustainability in the kitchen right now? Is self-sufficiency becoming more important? To what extent is sustainable thinking influenced by current inflation levels?

▪ Diet: How and based on what motivations are diet preferences developing in the various generations? What does that mean in concrete terms for kitchen appliances? What impact does the sustainability principle have?

▪ Rising prices: To what extent do rising prices influence cooking behaviour? What does that mean for eating out versus cooking at home, and thus for kitchen equipment?

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market.

We are happy to share our knowledge and make the results of our trend analysis available to all the entrants in the ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’.

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